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Popular items in online shopping malls are sure to interest even first-time visitors. For that reason, you can easily collect BEST products (with different standards) in online shopping malls. What would happen if people’s favorite content appeared on the top of the Notion Page? You’ll be able to quickly see pages that people will like.

Best Notion to website

Lately, I have often seen services that make Notion a site in the Notion community. There were not only Oopy, which familiar with in Korea, but also Fruition, which is an open source, and,, etc. I made a Notion page where people can find out which service they would prefer among the services that make several Notion sites.

In Best notion to website, I decided to show pages that introduce services in order of likes and latest. In order to collect the likes of each service from people, a like button is attached to each service introduction page. Clicking the like button increases the number of like property of the page. How can I make this Best Gallery in Notion?

Create Best Gallery

As an example, we will create a fruit store page. First, we will create a database that can be created immediately. After creating the gallery inline, I added grape, apple and strawberry and set the Preview to invisible.

This gallery is about to show you in a new way. To show your identity, you need to make the newly added fruit come forward. To sort by latest order, add Created (created time) to Descending (descending order) in Sort.

Now put a like button on the fruit page. Check out how to attach a like button in Notion, Check the reaction with like! Now we need to link the like button to the like property of the Page. Press +Add a property to make like a Number. Then fill 0 instead of Empty.

If you made a like button with Joey, you can set the Integrate in the settings window of Like Block. Through this Integrate, you can update the like property of the page you want to the number of likes when the like button is pressed. To link Notion, click the Notion icon button next to Authorize Notion.

JoeyBeta is the account Joey accesses the Notion page. You can set the page you want to access now or set it later on the page. After selecting the page, finally click on Allow access. And if you haven’t selected a page yourself, go to the page you want and invite JoeyBeta to Invite. I gave permission to the upper level fruit shop page.

After that, if you turn on Connect Notion of Like block, you can select Notion Page. First, select Grape to link likes to the Grape page. Save now. Once saved, return to the linked page and click the Like button. After waiting for a while after the heart is filled, you will see that the like property of the page changes to 1.

Now Connect the other fruits Apple and Strawberry in the same way. Now it’s time to create a Best View that sorts the fruit pages that received the most likes in the fruit shop in the order of likes. Linked Databases can be created easily by copy-paste (not Duplicate). For the newly created table, please add sort by Descending. Then it will be sorted by the most likes.

The finished page can be viewed at the Fruit store. To test the likes, I went into Chrome’s incognito mode and uploaded one more apple’s like. So, you can see the best products in the order of apples, grapes, and strawberries, and in the gallery below, you can see the fruits in order of latest.

I’ve made a way to link likes to pages so that pages that people are most interested in go to the top! Even if it is not linked to Notion, how about communicating with visitors by adding likes?



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